Teriyaki cod and yuzu noodles

Sometimes you just go in the kitchen and start cooking, this was one of those occasions. Consequently I don’t have an ingredients list, but I do have a rough guide to recreating it.

  • I marinated the cod in oyster sauce, dark soy, sesame and sushi ginger.
  • Next up I stir fried a host of vegetables in my usual trip of mirin, rice vinegar and light soy.
  • Rice noodles were left to cook in some boiled water for 5 minutes then tossed in with the vegetables to pick up all the gubbens off the pan + I threw in some Yuzu sauce (Xmas present from the parents, who clearly know me very well!).
  • Assemble is simple enough with shredded spring onions and toasted sesame seeds making the perfect garnish.

This will be getting recreated soon, so I will share the more exact recipe then.