Frozen chilli’s

I try and keep food waste to a minimum, which aside from being inventive with leftovers means being clever with storage.

Chilli’s are one of those ingredients you always have left over so I’ve tried a few different approaches to keeping them fresh for another day. Whilst I’m sure you could try picking / oil, that kinda defeats the object of being able to reuse them in their raw form. So what are the options?


Slice up what you want from the chilli then stick the remainder bare flesh down in salt

Air/oven dry

Wash, pat dry and place on a baking try and throw in the oven for half a day or hang them infront of the kitchen window. Works well enough but if you’ve ever cut a dried chilli you’ll know the seeds turn into bullets flying through the air. From experience getting on in the eye is more painful than child birth…probably.


My favourite! Slice what you want then throw the remainder in the freezer. Next time you need chilli you can either thaw and slice again or grate from frozen to create a chilli dust. I’ve been doing this a lot lately and it’s a great trick for chile’s, curries and anything requiring a quick kick of heat.