Tandoori turkey

I’ve been using turkey mince lately; burgers, bolognese and for a quick meal fried with rice, veg and chili. It’s proving a great substitute for things like quorn mince, not to mention beef which is usually always higher in fat. Provided you get the breast cuts, which are lower in calories, you’re guaranteed a healthy meal!

The key thing to remember is that with it being low in fat, you do need to pump it with flavour. In this recipe, tandoori masala took care of that and added a great spicy hum. Tandoori masala is great if you can find it (Sainsbury’s food of the world isle), but if not regular curry powder / garam masala are fine too.

In the end this made around 3 portions, two of which went in the freezer, making this a perfect meal to prepare in advance. As with any curry, popping it in the fridge.freezer actually intensifies all the flavours so this always tastes better the next day!

  • Ingredients
  • Method
  1. 2tsp coconut oil
  2. 200g turkey mince
  3. 1 tbsp tandoori masala
  4. 1 onion
  5. 1 tsp turmeric
  6. 1 tsp ground cumin
  7. 1 tsp ground coriander
  8. 1 fresh red chili
  9. 1 inch peeled gingers, grated
  10. 2 garlic cloves, grated
  11. 1 potato cut into chunks
  12. 3 good size plum tomatoes diced
  13. 50g frozen peas
  14. Salt and pepper
  15. 3 tsp dried coriander
  16. Juice from 1 lime + segment to serve


I used my Morphy Richards sear and stew slow cooker for this; its a great size cooking pot and always my go to gadget for a home made curry!

  1. Add the potato to a pan of boiling water and cook for between 5-10 mins depending in the size of the chunks. I added a few shakes of turmeric to the water. When almost cooked, put to one side (rest of the cooking done with the other ingredients)
  2. In your main cooking pot, heat the coconut oil to a medium - high heat and add the turkey mince. Season with salt and pepper and allow to colour for 2-3 minutes. Next add the tandoori and cook for a further 2-3 mins. Place in a bowl to use later.
  3. Don't clean the pot! Add the onions and sweat down for 10 mins. I like my onions soft and juicy but go for whatever you fancy.
  4. With the onions almost cooked add the remaining ground spices and fry for about 2 minutes to maximise their flavour, followed by the ginger, garlic and chilli and leave cooking for 5 mins.
  5. Add the potato to the mix along with the turkey you put aside and the tomatoes
  6. Leave to cook for 15 mins + (this is where the slow cooker is so handy!)
  7. Have a taste, season if it needed it. 5 minutes before serving add the peas and coriander. I'd love to use fresh but my fingers aren't quite green so my herb plants always die! Dried does the job nicely so don't be put off
  8. Finally add a good squeeze of lime just before serving, then plate up with an extra wedge